Hygiene safety

Hygiene safety, user safety and patient safety - these are the top priorities of BHT.

We consistently implement this standard in our customer consultancy, the design of our machines and the BHT complete solutions.
Practical examples:

  • BHT has the leading, patented system for single channel monitoring (CMS: Channel Monitoring System).

  • BHT cleaning and disinfection devices achieve cleaning results that are significantly better and below the threshold values of the standard requirements.

  • BHT meets the self-disinfection requirements of the cleaning and disinfection devices with a high quality A0 value of at least 3000.

  • In accordance with the RKI recommendation, the machines are able to thermally treat final rinse water. This saves high filter costs in the long-term.

All of our cleaning and disinfection devices are type-tested and of course meet the standard requirements of the DIN EN ISO 15883-1 / -4.

We pursue these hygiene standards to the same extent with our storage concepts and transport solutions. BHT drying cabinets are also available as pass-through hatch models - for increased hygiene safety.

BHT has implemented numerous other hygiene features. For example, the introduction of the new Pull Thru™ brush system for efficient, time-saving pre-cleaning. We will gladly advise you about these products!

We welcome your feedback should you have any suggestions, please contact.

Our mission: Your patients’ safety


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