What customers say about BHT: Reliability matters...

Our customers expect their machines to reprocess in a reliable and ongoing way. Our aim is to meet this expectation. Our goal: Reliability of your machines in each cycle, each day and through the years.

That is why BHT develops and manufactures machines in Germany - “Quality Made in Germany” - uses high quality materials such as stainless steel instead of plastic, and provides troubleshooting support either through an online service or directly on-site. This reliability is reflected in each cycle, each day and through the years. Many BHT machines run for 20 years, or even longer. And we are particularly pleased that lots of satisfied customers continue to trust in BHT.

The result is that we measure the reliability and operational capability of your machine in “uptime”.

Our modern online service concepts offer you upon request a guaranteed uptime up to 98%. Our technicians in the headquarter, are able to log in via remote maintenance directly to your machine and so be able to determine the cause for the error.

We will gladly advise you about this.

The BHT service team gladly supports you with our technical hotline, with a remote maintenance on the machine or with a competent technician on-site.

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BHT Hygienetechnik GmbH
Messerschmittstrasse 11
86368 Gersthofen / Germany

Phone: +49 821 27893-0


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