endo STORE® BHT – drying cabinet für the lying storage of flexible endoscopes

The drying cabinet offers continous climate monitoring with active external and internal drying for the standard-compliant, lying storage of up to 8 endoscopes in accordance with DIN EN 16442. The endoSTORE® BHT is distinguished by its innovative NoTouch racks which can be easily inserted into the cabinet along with the instrument so that the endoscopes don’t need be touched again. This saves the user precious time and simultaneously increases hygiene safety for patients.

  • For up to 8 flexible endoscopes
  • Increased patients’ safety and time saving with NoTouch rack system
  • Compliant with DIN EN 16442

Hygiene, reliabilty and efficiency in endoscope reprocessing

  • Hygiene safety:

    • Filtered air flows through each endoscope channel and prevents nucleation.
    • Short drying times: Air circulation module dries the outside of the instruments.
    • Complete documentation: Barcode scanner for data entry, endoscope tracking and storage time control, patient tracking and user authorisation.
    • Safe in the long-term: Particle filter with a filtration degree of 0.01 µm.
  • Efficiency of the entire process:

    • Short drying times thanks to the permanent air flow through the channels.
    • Storage system for 8 endoscopes.
    • Time-saving insertion of instruments thanks to the innovative NoTouch racks. This is compatible with the E3 CMS, E4 CMS and E5 CMS Efficiency models.
    • Optional: Hatch function to separate clean and unclean sides.
    • Fault management for documented processes.

endo STORE® BHT at a glance


– SMART connect* for increased patients’ safety: Communication between the AER and storage cabinet system via a central Server 

  • The storage system checks the correct preparation of the endoscope when it is inserted. If the instrument has not been approved for storage by the AER, the cabinet remains closed and displays an error message.
  • Time-Tracking: Monitoring the time between the correctly completed reprocessing cycle and insertion of the endoscope for a hygienically secure and well-documented process.
*It is possible to connect the E3 CMS, E4 CMS and E5 CMS models.
  • Sensors*: Continuous climate control
    Integrated climate sensors measure and analyse permanently important process parameters such as temperature, humidity and air flow in the instruments. This gives the user real-time information about the drying status of the endoscope. An extra aeration phase can be initiated if there is too much residual moisture in the endoscope channel.  
  • HIS Interface: Data interface between the storage cabinet and Hospital Information System (HIS). Process and master data are output to the hospital information system as parameter files and can be further processed in higher level systems. Additional connection with the HMS-system of BHT is possible.
  • SMART Light: LED light to display the current process status. Blue indicates the current drying phase and green denotes a completed cycle. Red alerts the user to a fault.  
  • Integrated label and network printers: Complete documentation of the process parameters.
  • Transfer: Permanent recording of all process steps in the storage of endoscopes in central and then remote cabinets.
  • 2D-Scan*: Processing of 1D and 2D codes (e.g. QR)
*Add-ons not retrofittable.

Product features

Dimensions (W / D / H)

600 x 540 x 1900 mm


170 kg (net)

Operating temperature

+10 to +40°C


75 W

Electrical Connection

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; fuse: device end T4A, building end 16A

Air Connection

Pressure quality ISO 8573-1:2010 Kl. 1.4.1


2-10 bar


<120 l/min (ANR) or 20 l/min @ 5 bar

Nominal diameter

6 (1/4“)


RJ45 (10/100 Mbit)

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