INNOVA® E3s – Professional endoscope washing machine for practices and small clinics

The E3s is BHT’s leading endoscope washer globally.

The endoscope washing machine is compact like its little sister, the INNOVA® E2s, but offers twice the capacity with space for 2 flexible endoscopes. This makes it the perfect solution for private practices and small clinics which value secure hygiene, efficiency and reliability:

  • 2 flexible endoscopes or 4 bronchoscopes/ENT per reprocessing cycle.
  • For 10 to 20 endoscope reprocessing procedures daily.

Hygiene, reliabilty and efficiency in endoscope reprocessing

  • Long-term safety in endoscope reprocessing

    • Compliant with DIN EN ISO 15883-1/-4 standards and RKI guidelines.
    • Thermal disinfection of the rinse water in line with RKI recommendations (in the DH type).
    • Many additional functions: E.g. thermal self-disinfection at 90 °C in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15883-4, 4.8.1.
  • Stable processes each day and for years to come

    • Traceability using batch control: Data output via data logger, printer or computer interface.
    • With over 1,000 installed machines, the INNOVA® E3s is BHT’s bestselling endoscope washer – because reliability matters!
  • Efficient processes for your endoscope reprocessing

    • With economical single channel connection for low running costs.
    • Thermal treatment option, e.g. multiple biopsy forceps, polyp snares etc.
    • Low total cost of ownership: Due to the free choice of process chemicals, no filters and low media consumption.

INNOVA®E3s at a glance

Product features

  • Complies withDIN EN 15883-1/-4 standards and RKI guidelines (e.g. by thermal disinfection of the final rinse water in machines with boilers)
  • Can be flexibly deployed alongside another INNOVA® E3s or INNOVA® E2s  to accommodate 30 to 40 treatments each day.
  • Process chemistry: The AER can be operated with either peracetic acid or glutaraldehyde.
  • The endoscope washing machine is ideal for all conventional endoscopes from Fuji, Olympus, Pentax, Storz, Wolf, etc.*.
  • Automatic leak test throughout the entire reprocessing programme.
  • Secure traceability in each cycle via the documentation of the individual process parameters.
  • Data output via printer, data logger or EDP interface. Simple integration into existing EDP systems.
*Please note the manufacturer information on the mechanical reprocessing of your instruments

Technical data

Capacity For 2 flexible endoscopes*:
For up to 20 endoscopes reprocessings per day
Built-in model (W/D/H) 800 x 680 x 850 mm
Free-standing model (W/D/H) 800 x 800 x 880 mm
Washing chamber (W/D/H) 540 x 535 x 510 mm
Hygiene concept Hygienic workflow, 1-door
Single channel monitoring (CMS) No
Process chemistry Glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid possible
Documentation and Integration Yes, interface for printer/data logger as standard. Printer as standard. Optional scanner/EDP interface
Electrical Installation 3 ph 400 V / 50 Hz AC+N+PE. Connected value: 11 KW. Fuse protection: 3×20 A
Water Connections Cold, warm, and demineralised water; for the DC version,  additional mixing water (30°C to 40°C, chemistry adjustable) is recommended for acceleration ; DN 20 in each case; 2-5 bar flow pressure; waste water DN 50
*Please note the manufacturer information on the mechanical reprocessing of your instruments

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The INNOVA® E series for endoscope reprocessing


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