INNOVA® E5 CMS Efficiency – the professional AER for CSSD and central reprocessing

The new E5 CMS Efficiency sets standards in hygiene, reliability and efficiency in endoscope reprocessing.

This is why more and more leading international universities, hospitals and reprocessing centres are choosing the E5 CMS Efficiency.

  • 4 flexible endoscopes and/or 8 ENT devices per reprocessing procedure.
  • For 30 to 70 endoscope reprocessing procedures daily.
  • With patented CMS (Channel Monitoring System).

Hygiene, reliabilty and efficiency in endoscope reprocessing

  • The machine is the world’s most efficient AER:

    • The E5 CMS is the only AER which can reprocess 4 endoscopes at the same time.
    • Cycle times under 30 minutes enable efficient processes* while still achieving the highest hygiene standards.
    • With water consumption at full capacity of just 4.5 litres per endoscope and during rinsing, the device has significantly lower values than comparable AER. 
    • The optimised media consumption, chemical choice of peracetic acid and glutaraldehyde, as well as open chemical systems (e.g. Bode, Schülke, Dr. Weigert etc.) ensure low running costs:

    So you can save up to 4 Euro per endoscope preparation, compared to alternative AER. With an annual reprocessing of 5,000 endoscopes, this could result in savings of up to 20,000 Euro.

    Ask our experts: We are happy to provide a transparent cost comparison for your planning requirements.

    * With peracetic acid < 30 minutes run time. Time required depends on various individual reprocessing parameters, e.g. water quality, chemicals, etc.


  • The E5 CMS Efficiency is also a leader when it comes to hygiene safety 

    • The machine’s patented CMS (Channel Monitoring System)  even detects partial contamination and therefore ensures reliable cleanliness in each cycle. 
    • The cleaning results of the AER are significantly below the RKI guidelines, despite the short running times.
    • Conformity to DIN EN 15883-1/-4 standards and the RKI guidelines ensures the long-term hygienically safe reprocessing of your instruments.
  • The highest level of reliability every day for many years

    • The basic model has proven itself over the last 10 years in the largest reprocessing centre in the world and has been continuously developed. 
    • Up to 98% uptime through online support: A system which you an rely on at all times.

INNOVA®E5 CMS Efficiency at a glance

Product features

  • Complies withDIN EN 15883-1/-4 standards and RKI guidelines (e.g. by thermal disinfection of the final rinse water in machines with boilers)
  • Combined with INNOVA® E4s CMS and INNOVA® E5 CMS Efficiency+ for highly efficient and flexible reprocessing solutions.
  • CMS Channel Monitoring System for the highest patient safety.
  • Process chemistry:AER can be operated with either peracetic acid or glutaraldehyde.
  • Ideal for all conventional endoscopes from Fuji, Olympus, Storz, Pentax and Wolf*.
  • Automatic leak test throughout the entire reprocessing programme.
  • Continuous process support thanks to extensive online support and software-based remote maintenance.
  • Reliable documentation and traceability using batch control.
  • Simple integration into a wide range of hospital systems and tracking software. Transfer of endoscope and process parameters possible.
*Please note the manufacturer information on the mechanical reprocessing of your instruments.

Technical data


For 4 flexible endoscopes*:
For up to 70 endoscopes reprocessings per day

Dimensions (W / D / H)

1400 x 840 x 2002 mm

Washing chamber (W/D/H)

650 x 680 x 640 mm

Hygiene concept

2-door pass-through hatch machine, CMS cleaning standard

Single channel monitoring (CMS)

Yes, patented solution with maximum measuring accuracy

Process chemistry

Glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid possible

Documentation and Integration

Scanner, EDP interface integrated. Printer possible. Connection to existing hospital systems

Electrical Installation

3 ph 400 V / 50 Hz AC+N+PE. Connected value: 14 KW. Fuse protection: 3×32 A

Water Connections

Cold, warm, and demineralised water; for the DC version, additional mixing water (30°C to 40°C, chemistry adjustable) is recommended for acceleration; DN 20 in each case; 2-5 bar flow pressure; waste water DN 70

*Please note the manufacturer information on the mechanical reprocessing of your instruments.

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The INNOVA® E series for endoscope reprocessing


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