Hygienically safe cleaning and disinfection devices

The professional solution for clinics - Hygienically safe pass-through machines with an efficient footprint: The M5 & M5-ISO instrument washers from BHT offer the right solution for every requirement. Versatile to use, the WDD (Washer Disinfector Dryer) is suitable for all types of medical wash goods.

All instrument washers meet the requirements of the DIN EN 15883-1/-2 and RKI guidelines. Used for decades in leading reprocessing centres and clinics around the world, BHT WDDs stand for the highest hygiene standards and reliability.

The BHT-WDD basic model has proven itself many times over and has been continuously developed.  BHT offer cleaning devices that you can rely on.

    Customer opinions

    Dr. Arnd Schulte-Bockhold

    Dr. Arnd Schulte-Bockhold

    Dr. Arnd Schulte-Bockhold, gastroenterologist, Karlsruhe:

    "I have been working with BHT machines for 15 years, during which time there has never been any failure of tests due to a non-functioning BHT machine!"

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    BHT guidelines:

    Maximum patients safety, process stability and long-term low consumption costs are key objectives in the development of our RDG. BHT cleaning and disinfecting machines deliver particularly reliable solutions that are often used successfully for 20 years or longer. The continuous exchange with users and experts from medical technology helps us to further develop our products. Through this collaboration, we can also offer our customers innovative and safe hygiene technology in the long term.

    Convince yourself! Ask colleagues who have successfully worked with BHT machines for many years. We would be happy to make a contact with a reference customer in your area.

    BHT – Quality „Made in Germany“

    Hygiene safety

    Hygiene safety

    Hygiene safety, user safety and patient safety – these are the top priorities of our company.

    We consistently implement this standard in our customer consultancy, the design of our instrument washing machines and the BHT process solutions:

    • BHT cleaning and disinfection devices achieve cleaning results that are significantly better and below the threshold values of the standard requirements.
    • BHT meets the self-disinfection requirements of the cleaning and disinfection devices with a high quality A0 value of 3000.  
    • In accordance with the RKI recommendation, the machines are able to thermally treat final rinse water. This saves high filter costs in the long-term.

    Of course, all of our type-tested instrument washers meet the standard requirements of the DIN EN ISO 15883-1 / -2.

    We welcome your feedback should you have any suggestions, please contact.

    Our mission: Your patients’ safety

    Reliability and Uptime

    Reliability and Uptime

    Do you expect your machines to run reliably and continuously? Our aim is to achieve precisely this.

    That is why BHT develops and manufactures machines in Germany (Made in Germany quality), uses high quality stainless steel instead of plastic and provides troubleshooting support immediately on-site. This reliability is reflected in each cycle, each day and through the years. Many BHT machines run for 15 years, 20 years, or even longer. And we are particularly pleased that lots of satisfied customers continue to trust in and rely on BHT.

    The BHT Service Team will answer any questions you have on our technical hotline, or with the expert service team directly on-site.

    Our goal: Reliable operation of your machine every cycle, every day, for years to come.

    Efficient processes

    Efficient processes

    Short cycle times, high user and patient safety, and efficient processes are crucial for the development of our instrument washers:

    • Our WDD are all optimised for short cycle times. The devices are then tailored to your individual circumstances on-site during installation.
    • Up to 20% lower consumption of water, chemicals and energy thanks to the innovative rack system ensures cost-effective operation.
    • The reprocessing of all common medical components in our versatile rack program enables flexible use.

    Do you expect simple processes? BHT provides the solution: Simple machine operation, simple documentation, simple integration into IT systems and data flow, etc..

    We will be happy to show you how you can optimise your overall process.



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