INNOVA® M5/M5-ISO – The WDD for high capacity and leading reliability

The M5 and M5-ISO have been used successfully for over 30 years and have been continually further developed. The proven technology ensures the highest failsafe performance during operation.

The two WDD are only different in their dimensions and capacity. With the M5, the user can prepare 10 DIN tray baskets to standard-compliant levels per cycle in the OP programme; the 20cm deeper M5-ISO holds 15 DIN trays. *18 trays are also possible on request. This makes the WDD perfectly equipped for use in peak capacities in large reprocessing centres.

  • Up to 15 DIN tray racks for high capacity
  • Pass-through machine with fully-automatic sliding doors
  • Suitable for all common medical wash goods

Hygiene, reliability and efficiency in instrument reprocessing

  • Years of reliability in every cycle:

    • Comprehensive standard equipment: e.g. empty-state detector and pump pressure monitoring for smooth operation.
    • Heating processes: Optional switchable steam/electric heating for the highest level of reliability, even if the clinic loses steam power.
    • The INNOVA® M5 / M5-ISO is based on WDDs which have proven themselves in daily use for many years. A machine that you can always rely on!
  • Hygienically safe in the long-term:

    • Conformity to DIN EN 15883-1/-2 standards ensures the long-term hygienically safe reprocessing of your instruments.
    • Each device is optimised for short cycle times whilst ensuring RKI-compliant reprocessing.
  • Efficiency and versatility for your processes:

    • Suitable for thermal and chemo-thermal reprocessing of almost all types of medical wash goods (surgical equipment, anaesthesia, shoes etc.).
    • Up to 20% less consumption thanks to innovative racks.
    • Fast reusability thanks to high-performance drying with 450 m3 of sterile air per hour through the wash system.
    • Large capacity and low space requirement: A width of only 90 cm ensures the best “footprint” on the market.

INNOVA® M5/M5-ISO at a glance

Product features

  • Wide BHT rack portfolio for all conventional washing goods. Optional: Automatic loading and unloading system.
  • Open chemical systems: Reprocessing possible with chemicals from all major manufacturers.
  • Ergonomic operation thanks to the integrated touch-screen.
  • Data output via EDP interface. Simple integration into existing EDP systems.
  • Optional: Automatic rack recognition for increased user safety.

Technical data

Capacity M5: Up to 10 DIN tray racks;
M5-ISO: Up to 15 DIN tray racks*
Dimensions (W / D / H) M5: 900 x 840 x 2000 mm
M5-ISO: 900 x 1040 x 2000 mm
Washing chamber (W/D/H) M5: 650 x 680 x 640 mm
M5-ISO: 650 x 880 x 640 mm
Area of application Thermal or chemo-thermal reprocessing of medical wash goods
Hygiene concept Pass-through hatch machine with two fully automated sliding doors incl. glass window for process monitoring
Wash Programmes Fixed and freely customisable programmes for all common reprocessing methods 
Process chemistry Chemicals from numerous manufacturers possible
Metering pumps Standard: 2 metering pumps for cleaning agent and neutralising agent
Optional: 2 additional metering pumps for disinfectant and rinse agent or special chemicals
Documentation and integration Colour touch-screen and EDP Interface
Electrical Installation 3 ph 400 V / 50 Hz AC+N+PE. Connected value: 22 KW. Fuse protection: 40 A
Connections Cold, hot and demineralised water (each DN 20); 2-5 bar flow pressure; waste water (DN 70); exhaust air (DN 100; also available with condenser); optional with steam heating: steam (DN 20) and pressure connection (DN 10)
*18 sieve trays are also available on request

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The INNOVA® M series for instrument reprocessing


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